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A simple Coffee Problem



Every morning, I brew 3 cups of coffee in my French press.  I prepare a large mason jar with ice, sweetener, and cream which fills the container half-way.  I add enough coffee to fill to the top of the jar.  Throughout the morning I drink the jar down halfway just to top it up once again.  I am able to refill it twice fully.  For the third refill, I am only able to add 2 FL oz. of coffee. How big is my Mason Jar?


Bonus question: what % of coffee is in my last cups mixture after adding the 2 oz?

For added clarity, when I top it up, I mean that I am only adding my coffee to the mixture.

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14.67 oz, 90% coffee


3 cups=24oz = 3 half jars +2 oz 




First fill=50% coffee

2nd fill is half 50%, half 100% = 75% coffee

3rd fill is half 75%, half 100% = 87.5% coffee

Last fill is (14.67/2)x0.875+2=8.42oz coffee

The last fill total volume is 14.67/2+2=9.34



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