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Pecular Spectra



Three interstellar stations have observed a distant cluster of gas clouds
known as RGB-9. The stations are positioned at right angle with each
other. The photograph images captured by X,Y, & Z telescopes at the same
instant are having exactly the same configurations (see below). Some of
the gas clouds that are behind the other cloud emits a mixed spectrum..
How shall they construct the 3-D plot of the cluster?
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This one has me stumped.

The x and y views show a single gas cloud (blue/cyan) centered at the top of those fields of view.

My thinking is that should create a central gas cloud in the z view, but none exists.

That's what I thought, too. Or at least if I understood you correctly... There's only one colored dot in the center of each view, but they are not all the same color. I can't figure out how to reconcile that... Edited by gavinksong
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