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Interview Question


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In an interview, the interviewer asked a candidate about a four digit number whose first two as well as last two digits are perfect squares.

The conversations between the interviewer and the candidate are as follows

Interviewer : Can you tell me what number I am thinking of ?

Candidate : No I am not sure.

Interviewer : There are no zeroes in the number.

Candidate : I am still not sure

Interviewer : There is no repetition of digits.

Candidate : Sorry, I am not sure even now.

Interviewer : OK the sum of digits is a prime number.

Candidate : Sorry.

Interviewer : The first two digit number is bigger than the last two digit number. And no digit is 5. If you still don't know then I am sorry you may leave the room.

Candidate : Yes sir, now I know the number.

Can you tell what the number is ?

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