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mysterious relationships



Lajwanti of village Lajpur was a young, demure, and lively woman. Sarita, her neighbor, asked her once, on seeing her with a gentleman, "What is your relationship with the gentleman who accompanied you?"

Lajwanti replied, "I will neither tell you his name nor my relations with him. I will, however, reveal that his mother-in-law and my mother-in-law are mother and daughter." How were these two related to each other?

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I think I finally see where the answer comes from, but couldn't it also be interpreted that Lajwanti's mother in law is a sibling of the gentlemen's wife, thereby making the gentlemen an uncle-in-law toward Lajwanti (if that makes sense)?

I've thought about this one for awhile, so I might just be over-thinking it.

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