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I am attempting to develop a website for a university project where I am supposed to create a quiz that stores the users name and answers then decides if the answers are sufficient for mastery. If the student does well enough then a 'certificate' is printed to the screen for the user to print out their recognition. If they do not then it reports back their answers so that the student knows to go back and study.

The problem is, is that we are supposed to build this website in google sites. i have little qualms with google sites for the project is almost complete except for the fact that google sites and javascript do not seem to get a long to well; which i believe is the key to solving the quiz problem i am having. Every time i attempt to enter javascript into the html editor on the site i get an error and find that the google site edited my code pretty incredibly.

However, HTML seems to have little issue with editing the site. Is there a way to build my quiz in html to meet my above requirements? if not or if this isn't efficient does any one have any ideas as to how i could make my quiz according to the specs?

The quiz needs to be 20 questions. So i am currently, and painstakingly so, making a giant tree like web to cover all the combination outcomes but clearly this is quite extensive and exhaustive.

So any help would be appreciated.

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HTML alone is not enough to create website that evaluates correct quiz answers as far as I know. You would need some scripts for that.

Or you could use easy online solutions which help you to create the quiz without coding:



thanks. I used survey monkey before but I haven't figured out how to make it grade the enties of the user and provide feedback. I know how to get the scores they put in and email the results but it doesn't give the instanaeous feedback i need.

I did however find a site called quia that does what i need. Thanks for the help!!

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