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Mao: the card game


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Mao starts off much like uno: I'll take two decks of 52 standard playing cards, shuffle them, and deal seven out to each player.

the goal is to get rid of all your cards. one card starts out face up, and each turn, a player places a card such that either the suit or value match. if its your turn and you cannot play, you get 2 cards, and your turn is skipped.

here's the catch however, all players have a secret rule. if you fail to meet a player's secret rule, I'll penalize you by adding a card to your hand, and tell you who's rule you violated. multiple rule violations means multiple cards.

some example secret rules you can create: Jacks reverse order of who goes next. kings allow play of any card, spades can only be played on hearts or spades; etc.

note that there is no talking about the rules! if you are unsure of who goes next, you have to just gamble and see. (if it's your turn and you haven't posted in more than 14 days, I'll penalize you a card and go to the next player.)

I'll be the moderator, making sure all rules are enforced.

note that I'll post your current hand in spoilers; please everyone only look at your own hands!

moderator: phil1882

sign ups:

player 1:

player 2:

player 3:

player 4:

player 5:

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okay guys, got everyone's rule. I've dubbed flamebird's rule the most restrictive. you guys are gonna have a tough time following it. :-).

also i should note that if you play illegally, you also get your card back. if you need at any point to know your current hand you can defiantly ask that in pm.

Starting card:


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after thinking about it I've decided to add an additional rule. you can pass your turn if you have no legal play, without penalty..note if you try to pass with a legal play. you get the same penalty as if you can't play. (goes to next player and you get 2 cards.) if all 5 players pass consecutively, everyone will be given 1 card.

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