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The Good , The Wise & The Lucky


On an old remote graveyard three most wanted people found the Federal sack of gold coins.
As the tension grows, they decided to play a game of chance instead of shooting each other out.
Each one to toss a coin : The Wise , the Good and the Lucky consecutively.
The Wise : Mastermind of succesful robberies/swindlings and a war strategist.. schemed :
If all the faces of the coins from the tosses landed the same, The Good lost his share of the golds.
If only two faces of the coins from the tosses landed the same, The Lucky lost his share..but
If none of faces of the coins from the tosses landed the same, The Wise & the Good lost the shares.
The Lucky: Who never lost a poker hand, fortunately thinking the deal favors him.. . .accepted.
The Good:Sharpshooter and highly skilled who can control results of a dice throw or toss-coin..also agreed.
After all of their gold coins were tossed..who did not lost ?

. //= __ / |''' / }_
. ( ''''( )~ ~( ) -_ ) ( ) }~
. | / \ \ / | / | | || |
. _0_ +
. [ = \i |_____
. [ ]
. L L
. _
. . ` o `
. \/{ }>
. / \
. +-- /||||||||||||/ _/- -\_
. (__}< :..
. --^--
. ( * |_`
. / \ +
_\ /_ [ ]

*Happy* New *Year* to *All *

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The wise and the good did not lose their shares

the wise's flip is random it can be heads or tails

after the first flip the good will make sure his flips the opposite because he can't let all three be the same. now there's one heads and one tails.

the lucky doesn't have a chance, heads or tails he will make two faces match and lose his share of gold.

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The wise will not lose.

1-F,F,F or T,T,T.......The good will lose
2-F,T,F or T,T,F.......The Lucky will lose
and there is no other combinations
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The Wise tossed his coin.. landed on a face, ( head or tail ) enjoying
his 8 results favor scheme. Though selfish, wiseness is justified.
The Good seeing the result of the first coin, tossed his coin and
landed it on opposite face deliberately. His good ability is justified.
The Lucky tossed his coin..luck must also be justified, so ..through dust and wind
the coin flips and slips and spins then stand balanced on it thickness side.
None of the faces are the same.The Lucky won !

References :
The Good , The Bad and The Ugly
Movie by Clint Eatwood/Lee Van Cleef/Eli Wallach

By ... Steve Lucky

People have a tendency to divide other people
Into various categories and subcategories
Based on all kind of things.
Male and female, black and white, child and adult, rich and poor
All need to be able to see life from the edge of the coin.
Not all things can be neatly placed Into one category or the other.
Hermathrodites, children of mixed race, teenagers, and the middle class
Remind people that even the best classifications of people
Have a tendency to break down
When seen from the edge of the coin.

One needs to take a look at who people are instead of what they are.
Individuals, not categories, is what makes up the human race.
How can anyone even pretend to judge
By standards they do not live up to themselves?
Whatever else we are, we are all filled with human frailties.
To improve life for the individual and for the world,
Everyone and every view point
Needs to be taken into consideration.
This includes the unpopular ways of doing things.
Sometime those ways actually turn out to be right.

As a whole, the coin is valuable.
Heads and tails come together
In a way too complex for even the smartest person to comprehend.
Could the coin exist without heads, without tails,
Or without an edge to hold them together?
Looking carefully to see whether a coin has landed heads or tails
Might make one forget the coin also has an edge.
From that vantage point, heads and tails are alike yet different.
Male or female, black or white, rich or poor, child or adult
Everyone has a human edge.

Lord, help all people, great and small
To see things from the edge of the coin.
Judgement comes from what is done to the soul
Not from the exterior factors surrounding it.
Fighting is done far too often
And done for the most trivial of reasons.
Help all to remember,
Whether one is classfied heads, tails, or even an edge.
It takes all of us to make the coin a vaulable whole.

Copyright 2007, Steve Lucky

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