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They call me Slick. When I joined in "2008", that name wasn't available so I managed to still use it as "akaslickster" but, enough of that. I will explain my history as a veteran, as thought of by others.

I began a Google, gmail account in "2007". I have always surfed around trying to find games and stuff to do since I taught myself how to use a computer. One day I had noticed Google ads, games, gadgets and etc. I was browsing around and read this riddle from here that captured my curiousness. I not only had to see the answer, but I wanted to see if mine was correct.

I started clicking into Brainden to see what this is all about and felt really lost at first. I finally dove into the forums and found the answer was not available until solved. So I wanted to see if I could answer, but needed to create an account to do such.

Lo and behold, it was the best thing to do ever! Since then, I had a wrong answer but only made me dig deeper to explore more riddles and more of this site.

I had about enough riddles for awhile, and wanted to try other forums and threads. I began to get hooked on these playful games like change the letter and other kinds but not all were allowed and some became locked. Same with some of the riddles. Along came Unreality with his ideas for games and RPG stuff. I belatedly signed up barely in time for his First Mafia game and became accustomed to the rules and all. Many were jumping in to give it a try and getting slowly hooked as well. Very few of us are still at it today but it is a lot of fun if you don't let it take over your life. I have been to many other Mafia sites and enjoy them also. Mainly because the majority of those members came from here.

Either I am close to or over my hundredth Mafia game by now. I am glad to say it was a success and urge others to play as well, provided they can spare a little time here and there, each day. I still engage in riddles, illusions and the Others now and then and hope to chat or play with y'all in the future. I can also answer many questions or help with cooking.

My other interests and hobbies include but are not limited to crossword puzzles, eating, drinking and enjoying life with friends and family. BTW, EDM is my Niecey/Smilie Queen and you will like her a lot if you haven't met her.



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