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Great news for all who have Android mobile phones. You can enjoy the classic brain teasers which started the whole site in a very simple application.

Check out the following Google Play page, from where you can download the app.

It's not only in Slovak but also in English language - you can switch between both in the app easily.

Enjoy and let me know your comments.

Sample screen:


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Nice! I like the format. Very simple and effective. I also like the click-for-answer requirement (and that the answer appears in its own popup).

The only thing I would change is the way the app reacts to the screen turning off. Typically, when I turn my screen back on after it has been off, the app returns or remains at the most recent portion. However, this app resumes back at the beginning of the list of puzzles, thus requiring me to scroll back through the puzzles until I find where I left off.

Also, is there any way that this app could reflrect the forum? Or maybe see if the forum could be compatible with the TapaTalk app?

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When I click on the folder it says that "There is no brain teaser in this category" and this is same for all of them. Do I have to install/download some extensions?

Pls try to uninstall from your mobile and install from Google Play again.

If the issue persists let me know and we will dig deeper (eg. what Android version you are using, if the whole app has been extracted/installed correctly to 100% etc.)

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