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To not get "off topic" in the other thread...

...Drugs can actually be very beneficial. Lemme know if you want to discuss it haha.

For starters: I know they can relive you from pain, but i'm not trying to talk about advil. I'm talking meth, crack, you - the stuff.

I have a friend who use to do drugs, and even he says not to.

hmmmmm...so anyways, here's a new topic that may be widely argued...

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This world is "ideal" how, exactly? Unreality, this is directed at you as well.

I don't think that that is ideal. I said that though because I thought that unreality thought that it would be ideal if people didn't want to have marijuana because then he could support legalizing it. Unreality said, "In an idea[l] world we would make them all illegal but people are too curious for that to be a feasible reality so we have to accept the actual reality and take steps in harm reduction (like Switzerland et al)." So I assumed that he wanted marijuana to be illegal because "people are too curious for that to be a feasible reality," so I thought that he meant that in an ideal world, people wouldn't be too curious and thus wouldn't want to have marijuana. I don't consider a world where few people want marijuana an ideal world though. I don't care too much whether others smoke marijuana. I don't myself but I know people who do and I'd much rather spend my time persuading them to follow the non-aggression principle than persuading them to stop smoking. :-)


Hah, I lol at UtF and I continually agreeing on things for completely different reasons.

Wait, what are we agreeing on? Wanting drugs to be legal? And I want them to be legal because I don't want to criminalize people who want to use drugs and you just want to use them yourself?

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