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A6------> standard printer paper size, highest musical note, soprano

pen name --------->bic, flair, mont blanc, carolyn keene, mark twain

secret education --------> Merlin teaching Arthur, wizard school, Magic Tree House, sorceror's apprentice

and mouses in a game -------> mousetrap, cat and mouse, computer mice: clicking, controlling

element symbols -------> chemistry, magician's robes, alchemy, arcane info

obeying canines too -------> good dogs, tractable canines ; retractable canine teeth

spells at midnight journeys take flight -------> magic tree house titles, witchcraft, magic, adventure, airplane or balloon or broomstick rides

what have i said to you??

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yeah well... i check out the post everytime i log in.... but i jus dont hit on anything.....


ok...i it goes over a day without answers I add anyone just to keep it current...

Harry Potter/ J.K. Rowling

nope, but good try! you have the right idea!

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ok now uve got me going....

Stephen King???


Christopher Paolini(Eragon)???

periodic table

C.S. Lewis (The Chronicles of Narnia)

One of my favorite series of all time :D

william shakspear

the Rats of Nimh The Secret Benedict Society

no to all, but good trys!

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Mark Twain? maybe Daniel Handler (Lemony Snicket)?

i dunno, just lingering on pen names for now

well keep lingering... ;)

Narnia....??? by C.S.Lewis....???

Richard Bachman, aka Stephen King?

Charles Lutwidge Dodgson better known as Lewis Carroll

no to all, but there is definitly a trend here...and your getting closer...

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