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  1. Liar Game BD Second Round roster

    1. Framm

    2. Flamebirde

    3. Phil1882

    4. Brainy

    5. Rob

    6. Molly

    7. Panther


    Be happy (I am :P), for the internet in my hotel has finally decided to work :D

    No more sitting in smoky pubs for me ;)

    Edit - Mobile tag screw-up lol

  2. I'm afraid I am currently on holiday, with limited access to the internet. I didn't mention already because my hotel is supposed to have internet, however it's not working and I'm currently sitting in the local pub typing this :P

    I think i'm gonna have to sit the next round out, cause I really need my computer at home to keep track of stuff :( I'll be back for round 3 though :D

    Oh, and if I forget to do something I said I would (PMs and such), sorry :(

  3. Hey folks, sorry bout being MIA for a while, just kinda drifted off lol... but I'm back now, and this community is to awesome to be allowed to fade :D

    Cheesy, I know, but I don't care :P Just let me know if I can do anything (other than what has already been posted above :P)

  4. What if the Witch proposes a modified competition: A third (clean) goblet is to be provided by the CTK. Wizard and Witch each put some of their brew into the mixed goblet. Then each drinks the mixture, followed by their own brew. If so, Witch brings her best shot, doesn't matter what Wizard brings.

    I enjoy Y-san's question about B,A,C and agree with her answer. But I doubt that the Witch has a titration measure of the Wizard's potion, so I see risk in Y's proposal.

    What if the poisons simply counteracted each other in the cup?

  5. Wizard's plan - He drinks a very weak poison beforehand, then produces water (or another neutral substance) as his 'poison'. He then drinks the witch's poison, counteracting the one he took earlier, while the witch drinks his water. Then he drinks his own water, while the witch drinks her own poison, which kills her. Witch's counter-plan - She guesses the wizard's plan and makes her own 'poison' water too. They both drink water twice, but the poison that the wizard consumed beforehand kills him (assuming the wizards is not clever enough to guess that the witch will have a counter)

    I'm now gonna read the other replies and probably realise that i've made some great mistake :P

  6. So... I recently came across a web-based online game called Weewar. It's a strategy game (as far as I can see, anyway) involving moving units across a board. There are many kinds of units - they all have different strengths and weaknesses, and the terrain affects each unit's capabilities. Thought maybe there might be some people on here that might want to give it a shot. It is free, though you may to pay for access to more units, maps etc.

    My name on there is Swift17, most of you will recognise the picture ;)

    If anyone is actually interested, post your name in this thread and i'll start a game with us all :D

    Oh and, if you join, be sure to investigate the paid part (it's called 'pro'), you get it free for 3 months when you join :D

  7. Thanks for the game :)

    On a side note, does anyone play/want to play weewar? Just discovered it yesterday, and it reminded me of this game :D Lemme know if anyone's interested

    Edit - if you don't know what weewar is, google is your friend :)

  8. caffeine, coffee, truffles - Things that are the colour of CHOCOLATE! :P (I know that's probably not what you intended, but... why not :P)

    dirt, lava, diamond - _________

    ps. Yodell - got it in one! :D

  9. The reason, I assume, (as I made the same mistake) is that you gave invalid coordinates and phil just gave you a random move. Remember, you can only move like a chess knight :P

  10. Milan ++

    Osaka ++

    Paris --

    Best Holiday Destination.

    Either your favorite place to go, or your top of your must-visit-places-before-I-die list.

    Paris, France - 18

    Istanbul, Turkey - 16

    London, UK - 16

    Osaka, Japan - 14

    Mumbai, India - 14

    New York, USA - 16

    Sydney, Australia - 14

    Dubai City, UAE - 12

    Milan, Italy - 13

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - 12

    Shanghai, China - 12

    Cape Town, South Africa - 8

    Havana, Cuba - 6

    Cairo, Egypt - 6


    15. Moscow, Russia

  11. Sorry, I was away all day yesterday and was too tired last night to check lol

    What happens if Player A attacks player B's planet at the same time as Player B moves more ships on to it? Who's move happens first?

    PM coming shortly :D

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