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  1. Hi, You can easily Google every level you were stuck in, surprised you didn't tried that. I just googled and found this link: https://dazepuzzle.com/brain-test-2-answers/ You could also search YouTube, I found these for you: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=brain+test+2+answers
  2. Existential Psychotherapy By Irvin D. Yalum
  3. Generally, prophets lead people to goodness and psychics doesn't care.
  4. I think it's way better that windows 8.1 and 8, Microsoft was trying to reach to windows 10 with those 2 other versions, and I think it's pretty good!
  5. Hi, I hope this attached photo help you :
  6. The answer is SAND ! I get 30 point!
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