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  1. But unless the problem has been edited, it is stated: "along with the fatal gun that belonged to one of them ... the murderer." But not absolutely necessary for the solve.
  2. Thanks, about what I guessed. I just didn't take the time to follow it to its full conclusion
  3. I've been playing around with puzzle geocaches for awhile, now, on a fb page dedicated to them. Someone asked for help on one that was a logic problem. HEAVEN!!!! Another poster said it sounded like Einstein's riddle, which I'd never heard of. So of course I googled it, and solved it in less than an hour. But one of the listings that came up in the google search was BrainDen. Two puzzles later, I'm hooked. So, what are the reputation points all about?
  4. flamebirde, sorry to have spoiled your fun. I'm new to this site, and didn't notice I had to hit the eye in order to hide my answer. Please forgive a newbie.
  5. Happened on this site this afternoon, and saw your post. Looks like fun. Here's your answer. I J C F D E G B A H
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