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  1. I really believe that if we can have strong advertising in the right places, this can and will be crowded once again. It may take many people to show what exists here.  It may take a societies of nerds to be invaded with ads.  This site was doing super in 2006 and up until the crash. If it was catchy at that time, it can be just as good going if not better.  Biggest trouble is not enough helpers and clients here to give a darn.  Hopefully it will happen or something more exciting is keeping this old-fashioned and not as attractive.

  2. I'll start:

    I wish for a bar of chocolate.

    Granted but the chocolate turns into cement and all your teeth must come out and part of your gums in the emergency room. :P

    I wish for him to get some dentures. :D

  3. I suggest sitting down with parents and asking for similar statements and ask them to explain it to you.

    i.e. Brainden is for help and assistance only.

    Therefore, Brainden is not expected to give you the answers. YES

    Brainden provides some examples that may help. YES

    Brainden will help you cheat on homework. NO

    It should be common sense, but I gave some facts. ;)

  4. A guy took his blonde girlfriend to her first football game. They had great seats right behind their team's bench. After the game he asked her, “Did you like the game?” She replied, “Oh, I really liked it. I really liked the big muscles and the tight pants. I’m not sure, though about why they were killing each other over 25 cents.” Dumbfounded, her boyfriend said, “I don’t know what you mean?” She said, “Well, at the beginning of the game, they flipped a coin and one team got it. The rest of the game, they kept yelling, “Get the quarter back, get the quarterback…..I’m like….hey, it’s ONLY a quarter.” :o

    Outside of USA folks. Quarter = 1/4 of US dollar coin.

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  5. EDIT: double post. @Slick: At first I thought your pls hurry was a key for a vignere.

    I was a bit confused but glad it worked out well. :D Maybe the others were inactive. I didn't do much but I was timely and that must have mattered the most.

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