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  1. hmm...I figured it would be obvious to someone else - like the last one which didn't follow the usual pattern. But I haven't found anything yet. And even if one or two are off, I'm pretty sure most are correct, so we should be able to make something out of it.

    Any one know what the "+ inspired by" in the subtitle represents? That's a new addition from previous editions of these puzzles.

    I was expecting it to have something to do with yesterday's elections.

  2. Wow, Nikyma, you went to town!

    Here's my compilation of the most-likely to be correct answers

    1. I'm one delicate fabric short to be a residence. PA(lace) - N

    2. I'm one first-rate short to be a clamp. BR(ace) - N

    3. I'm one wrath short to be a support. - H(anger) - Dawg

    4. I'm one to grow weary short to be clothes. AT(tire) - CL

    5. I'm one flashy short to be a relative. SI(bling) - CL

    6. I'm one dark, oily material short to be a religious structure. AL(tar) - N

    7. I'm one specific task short to be neglected. O(mission) - N

    8. I'm one line of seats short to be a ridge. - B(row) - N

    9. I'm one ancestor short to be a large cat. - PU(ma) - CL

    10. I'm one state of turbulence short to be very hot. - B(roiling) - N

    11. I'm one irritation short to attach. ST(itch) - JS

    Something has to be wrong in there...I can't figure out how to make anything out of those letters.

  3. Lets See:

    So that's like

    6 For Marth

    9 For Me..

    But more like 5.5 For Marth and 9.5 for Me XD

    Well that was quick :D and easy :D


    *high fives Marth*

    You could pretend to break a sweat, for my sake... ;):lol:B))

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