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  1. It's all good. I heard this a long time ago but not on this website. A former co-worker told me this and I was stumped for weeks. .My little nephew at the time (11 y/o) got it before I did...lol.....I liked it though. Good job in executing it.

    I think it is on here, as Romeo and Juliet. Makes it a little tricky to find.

  2. :D

    13. Signs--Tesla

    Got it :D

    Just kidding! I love 80's hair rock and I'm not afraid to admit it!

    1) Headed for a Heartbreak - Winger. (This one threw me. Cockles had me looking for a song about crabs)

    and 2) Down Boys - Warant

    Yay, that closes this one out.

    Glad you had fun. Now I have to think of another cheesy music genre. How's your disco knowledge? :mellow:

  3. I see what you mean when you said earlier I had it backwards....

    your husband is cheating on us - Denise Lasalle

    Never would have gotten this one without reverse engineering...so not happy with myself.

    you're taking up another mans place - mabel john.

    You got em both, that's all that counts. ;)

  4. 1. Discomfort within one's center - Pain in My Heart, Otis Redding - Dawg

    2. The mate which is belonging to one is chiseling on we two - UNSOLVED

    3. Confection - Zeppo

    4. Less expensive to retain miss - Cheaper to Keep Her, (Dawg couldn't come up with artist on this one)

    5. Attempt a small amount of delicacy - Try a Little Tenderness, Otis Redding - PA

    6. One is accumulating an additional fellow's location - UNSOLVED

    7. Vagrant - Tramp, Otis Redding - Dawg

    8. Difficult to manage - Hard to Handle, Otis Redding - PA

    9. first person has existed solitarily for an extensive period - I've Been Lonely For So Long - Frederick Knight - d3k3, with an assist by peace*out

    10. Environmentally friendly bulbs - Green Onions, Booker T & the MG's - Dawg

    artists are Denise LaSalle & Mable John

  5. 1. Moving in the direction of a cockle crack - UNSOLVED

    2. Minors left feral - Youth Gone Wild - Skid Row - d3k3

    3. My desire is to slate - I Wanna Rock - Twisted Sister - d3k3

    4. Osculate me lethally -Kiss Me Deadly - Lita Ford - d3k3

    5. Brush it with your tongue until it ascends - Lick it Up - Kiss - Zeppo, d3k3

    6. Circular and revolving - Round & Round - Ratt - Zeppo

    7. Verbalize unsanitarily in my direction - Talk Dirty to Me - Poison - d3k3, zeppo

    8. Approaching my domecile - Coming Home - Cinderella - Zeppo

    9. Lasses, belles, skirts - Girls, Girls, Girls - Motley Crue - d3k3

    10.Surviving atop a invocation - Living on a Prayer - Bon Jovi - d3k3, zeppo

    11. Lower lads - UNSOLVED

    12. Alloy well-being - Metal Health - Quiet Riot - d3k3

    13. Omens - UNSOLVED

    14. Presently I depart once more - Here I Go Again - Whitesnake - Zeppo

    15. Snapshot - Photograph - Def Leppard - d3k3

    The bands are Warrent, Tesla, & Winger in no particular order.

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