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  1. 3. Splendor pertaining to fancy

    7. one determined to personify

    8. cohere had artichoke core

    #3. Praise regarding affection

    #7. First person determined to exist

    #8. Can't think of a better clue, so I'll just say it's a male vocalist

  2. Nice try... :) However
    these are old Serbian riddles and those people were making riddles about things they were perceiving... Mostly nature and inanimate objects.

    These three riddles are about nature... :)


  3. The letters are unibitriquad

    I'd say one grouping of letters is definitely "I quit"

    Which leaves unibrad

    I'd guess part of the other grouping is probably "brain", but what to do with the d & u?

    forgot the letters from "open saturdays," back to the drawing board.

  4. No worries......but will need to go back and review the Mo Music puzzle to clear my mind :D

    not sure about # 8

    I've got 2 cheesy songs as guesses....

    My Heart will go on - Celine Dion whose name, I think, is French Canadian for cheese.... I know not right but how can you have a cheesy list without her?


    Unbreak My Heart - Toni Braxton

    No to either. Sorry, you're right Celine should be in my list many, many times. Uh oh, I'm feeling a cheesy love songs #2 coming on.

  5. thanks,

    My wife and I were out last night watching a friends soul/funk band...the likes of Earth, Wind, Fire, Stevie Wonder, etc.... then this morning I get to wake up and flash back to the 80's cheese.....so to go with the small hangover, I get these songs crowding my head.....ARGH....

    Endless Love - Lionel Richie

    but as always.....great puzzles....thanks for making them.

    YES! Thank you!

    Sorry about the early morning cheese. ;)

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