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  1. Thanks Logophobic. I completely forget when I was putting my answer.
  2. You mentioned the coin lands on heads 50% more of the time. A regular coin lands on heads 50% of the time. 50% more is 100%. If this is what you meant, then I have a solution to the problem.
  3. My name is Buddyboy3000. I found this website and saw that it was based on brain teasers. So, I joined. I want to answer these, but I have a question? First, how do you do the spoiler mode? I saw it in the questions and looked at it. One person told the manual way to do it. I did it and it still did not work. There was the words that was used to go into spoiler mode, but it was still in the open, along with the rest of the words. Can someone explain to me how it works?
  4. What I see here is that the one dollar is lost in translation. Let's look at it as if no mistake was made at the beginning. $25 would need to be split between three people. Those people each paid $9 to the manager. If they each pay $8 dollars, then they would be one dollar short. Now, the manager has $2 left. He can't give it back to them because then it would be uneven. So, he gives the bellboy the two dollars. 9 x 3 = 27. 27 - 2 = 25. Now, we can go back to the original situation. You have three more dollars used. 27 + 3 equals 30. All three men payed $10. The bellboy gave three back. 30 - 3 = 27. Then the bellboy kept two. 27 - 2 = 25. When you have it as one dollar missing, you are only using the wrong equations. $30 was paid overall. $5 was then given back, making $25. In what you said above, it simplifies to you doing 30 - 3 + 2 = not 30. Different equations had to be used. 30 - 3 - 2 = 25, the original spent. There is no extra dollar, because the total spent is 25, not 30.
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