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  1. logic sequences

    When spelt, none of them contain the vowel 'a' ?
  2. Playing baseball

    I think Bonanova's assumptions make sense.. It seems hard to provide definition for the 'true' path of the ball. Even the centre of the Earth is an arbitrary frame, we could have used the Galactic plane?
  3. The Cryptic Book

    gogenol appears in whole at two places, so it might be a single phrase. One of its anagrams is "log gone" this puzzle deals with a kind of game log or book so who knows
  4. hidden race order

    sounds like the classic 25 horse problem
  5. Identical twins, sort of

    Thanks for the warm welcome bonanova...I shall ponder your hints further
  6. Identical twins, sort of

    Might be able to do it with one question like... [spoiler='Identical twins, sort of'] Q: Are you a liar? ....The accurate truth-teller rightly believes himself to be honest and thus answers "no"...the inaccurate liar wrongly thinks himself an honest man, but nonetheless is compelled to lie and thus responds with "yes". These responses distinguish the two. However, if the above is properly reasoned, I still do not know if the given explanation counts as a concise answer for the second portion of the question