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  1. The answer is B. gavinksong is correct, and DejMar also deserves some credit for providing the reasoning behind it.
  2. Hi bonanova, I can assure you it's no homework, but then again why should you believe me? I found the problem interesting and I wanted to share it.
  3. The retirement age in Bolandia will be raised from 66 to 67 over two years: every six months the minimum age will jump up by 3 months. Anyone over the retirement age on the date they apply will immediately get a free retired-person’s bus pass. How much younger could one person with a free retired-person’s bus pass be than someone not able to get one? A It’s not possible to be younger. B Just under 3 months. C Just under 6 months. D Just under 1 year Please show workings.
  4. *What is the chance the month it is in has five Sundays?
  5. Next leap year my birthday is on a Friday 13th. What is the chance the month it is has five Sundays?
  6. Can I ask how did you come about the answer?
  7. I think it's A. In each square there is at least one line and if there is more than one line, it will be going at a slope opposite it i.e. goes from a positive slope to a negative slope
  8. Mark is a postman and needs to deliver some letters to certain towns. He wants to do this as quickly as possible so that he can get home for dinner. Here are the times taken to get to each town (in minutes): If Mark lives in Pryshore and starts his deliveries from there at 5 pm, what time will he arrive back home? (There is no extra information needed. You can assume that each time takes into account the delivery process, refuelling etc.)
  9. Yep, that's the answer. Also thanks for the creative and enthusiastic approach, harey.
  10. A certain ruler, which is supposed to be 12 in long, is warped and is actually just 11 1/2 in. If you measure off 4 ft of string with this ruler, what is the percentage error in your measurement?
  11. Could they communicate beforehand so that they can deduce a plan?
  12. Can you describe how you got that answer please?
  13. Yep, you got it right. He might tail a target or suspect just to add to your answer.
  14. Codes are commonly used by security services, mainly to appear unintelligible to enemy personnel if the message falls into the wrong hands. Upon the receipt of a series of triplet code DEGJKMCDFCDF, the agent immediately hailed a taxi and boarded the next flight out of the country. If another code sent out to a different agent was RSUYZBGHJJKM, what would the recipient most likely do in order to follow orders?
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