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  1. subhajit banerjee

    Simple mirror puzzle

    I think up down changes... When you measure that your hands position changes then you think yourself in front of mirror which is your back side then you measures that changes.. When image is formed your left hand image is situate left side of yours and right side image is situated right side of yours. So for upside i.e image of face is formed upside of mirror and and image of leg is formed downside of mirror.........
  2. subhajit banerjee

    Simple mirror puzzle

    Who says that up down didn't changes.. When you placed the mirror on your head and see through it then you see your upside down images as well as side also changes.......
  3. subhajit banerjee

    on a hot summer's day

    He shot dead with ice bullet
  4. subhajit banerjee

    Submit New Optical Illusions

    I found an optical illusion... But how can I post???