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  1. WOW you live in hawaiii so lucky :D

  2. abhisk

    I know this is way off...
  3. Hosts: Abhisk and Peace 1) Slick - Dead - Drowned by Percy 2) Framm18 - Voting for MissKitten 3) Molly Mae - Dead - Fried by Zeus 4) harvey45 - Voting for onetruth 5) MissKitten - Voting for Framm 6) JarZe - Dead - Speared by Luke 7) onetruth - voting for actressgirl 8) DudleyDude - Dead - Fried by Zeus 9) filly678 - Lynched - Found to be Kronos 10) golfjunkie - voting for onetruth 11) Glycereine- Voting for onetruth 12) Phaze- Voting for golfjunkie 13) actressgirl Just fixing Framm’s color, that really hurt my eyes.
  4. is said not bad sad mad
  5. Hey glycereine, onetruths a she.
  6. Night 2: Capture the Flag Everyone decided to have a friendly match of CTF...or was if friendly? Hades got up, and decided to do some sneaking around today. He was on the same CTF team as his target, and pretended to be friends with him. Meanwhile, he was actually noting his every move! His target was just trying to get the target, beating up all the people in his way, and he struck gold! He grinned with the knowledge that he gained. Sally Jackson had gone into Camp Half-Blood, scared for her son, Percy, not knowing if he was alive or not. She's a nice being, so she wanted to pro
  7. abhisk

    So i take it that luke isn't doing anything tonight?
  8. 1 hour and 20 minutes left! I think I may post the night post a few minutes early because I have to go somewhere at 6:30.
  10. I cant get into the URL for some reason, it says im not allowed to enter the page. :(

  11. abhisk

    lol LOL Nope. My actual name is wayyy different than my username.
  12. You win! Right on. But yeah, I think that DD knew the rule already...Go ahead!
  13. Uhm...well...we're the hosts and we get to choose!
  14. GMaster Glycereine Attention Detention DudleyDude Internet Syllable
  15. GMaster Glycereine Attention Detention DudleyDude Internet None others make it.
  16. GMaster Glycereine Attention you didn't make any phaze. keep trying.
  17. Lol, i'm not that good at drawing.(I wish) It came from some manga which i can't put my finger on right now.

  18. GMaster Glycereine attention All the rest didn't make it.
  19. Day 1: Dead body in Camp... Everyone in Camp Half-Blood was restless, wanting revenge for JarZe and Molly Mae. They decided that they would lynch the worst player in archery. Everyone came up and had a try, because, literally, they needed to shoot for their life. Everyone hit the bulls-eye except for 2 campers, onetruth and Filly who both completely missed the target! That's because they were both bad boys/girls and ditched class! They had a sword-fight to the death! The winner would stay alive... Both of them were extremely skilled at swordfighting, and the match was epic, with much
  21. Nice! Ok I have a rule! Go! I'll check the words in an hour when I come on to put up the day post.
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