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  1. This is fun watching.
  2. abhisk

    Advance Wars Mafia

    DAY 0: Host: Filly 1)Blablah voting for Blablah 2)Yuiop 3)LJ voting for LJ 4)Izzy 5)Molly Mae 6)GC 7)Glycereine 8)qwerty 9)Framm 10)Onetruth 11)Abhisk - voting for LJ I don't want to do it since I just finished my HM2...too much night and day posts. How about we give someone who hasn't done it yet a try? That wants to.
  3. Do you expect this to end by the 13th or before? If so, you can sign me up.
  4. abhisk

    Gah! I just knew with my luck, I would definetely have an alliance withe murderer. Good game Izzy. Although I was pretty suspicious of you in the end...but your cover-up fooled me. Nice game UR! Sign me up for the next one xD.
  5. abhisk

    Process of elemination dude. Mlaku and you are the only ones that could do it.
  6. abhisk

    Then it was AI or Mlaku
  7. abhisk

    so, who was the person? It was AI right? Or was it Mlaku? Or even Mav?
  8. You know, if Framm is spread thin, then I'm spread even more thin.
  9. hey there :D welcome to the den

  10. abhisk

    yah yah watev...but im sure dat its been five mins....almost...*shows off shiny watch in game*
  11. abhisk

    Hmm...I tink its been five mins alreddy rite?
  12. I would, but I can't. I'll be a backup, and perhaps in a few days, i'll be able to join if needed.
  13. abhisk

    I wasnt in dere...dats ok i guess *sniff*
  14. abhisk

    Yo docky...where are u dudde? I needa hav a drink w/u...dun i remind u of ur son?
  15. abhisk

    Jicochi: dude servant you didn't gimme my hot food? whats ur problem dude? ahhh its ok after all i guess. i found sum anyways.
  16. abhisk

    Well at least the last chapter was 100+ pages.
  17. abhisk

    *smacks lips* Ahhh that sure was goood. Thanks missus. I'll see u 'round sumwhere laterr.
  18. is having fun xD

  19. abhisk

    Yo mrs. mccudgeon, u get drunk a lot rite? Wy dun u gimme sum of that, huh?
  20. abhisk

    Jicochi: Yo servant c'mere i wan sum nice food...and a shower if you will point me in the rite direction plz. Servant? Servant?
  21. abhisk

    Jicochi: hey AI, mister, everyone on this ship looks insane ta me, 'cluding me, so dun worry.
  22. abhisk

    Jicochi: Hey I dun wanna be here so dun say that ta me k? I just wanna go bak home ta my friends. But I got some info here. We can do a nice lil trade, eh Mav?
  23. abhisk

    Jicochi: Why in the world am I here...I should be back on Earth with all of my friends. Might as well try to figure out who's the supposed to be killer I guess.
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