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  1. Sure GC, you're a real noob. Ummm, thats not me!!!! Sorry about my previous double post, that usually never happens.
  2. abhisk

    wow thats a lot of inactives... I know AG is gonna be gone until Friday... Why don't you try PM'ing all inactives so that they know it started because I know some of those definetely checked BD.
  3. 1. Izzy 2. Peace 3. DudleyDude 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Glycereine 12. 13.Abhisk 14. Backup 1. Framm Blehhhh
  4. 1. Izzy 2. Peace 3. DudleyDude 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Glycereine 12. 13.Abhisk 14. Backup 1. Framm Blehhhh
  5. abhisk

    Oh, I thought for sure it was phd. That works too right?
  6. abhisk

    Ok I think this ready to go now. Right Peace?
  7. abhisk

    Host: Peace 1. Framm 2. kody 3. misskitten 4. starfreak 5. harvey45 6. phillip1882 7. Glycereine 8. actressgirl 9. Abhisk We probably have to wait until at least 12 people come.
  8. abhisk

    Sorry, this is the post to put the solved poll in since I didn't know how to use it before.
  9. abhisk

    Yup, thats what I was looking for! The second one that is.
  10. abhisk

    No...closer the other time. Think of types of them.
  11. abhisk

    No, but closer to anything else yet.
  12. abhisk

    Good guess! That fits, but not what i was looking for.
  13. Yeah, I think that the main reason that the goodies lost was 1.Inactivity in a few key spots and 2. 2 of 3 goodie BTSC members died in the first night, that was extremely lucky. I thought it was pretty closely balanced, and could go anyway. (At the start, that is. When JZ and MM died N1, i thought goodies would have to do a really good fight, and then there were goodie inactives...)
  14. abhisk

    No to all! Should I give a tiny hint?
  15. Everyone was tense. They all knew that someone had won...but who was it? Had Zeus just killed everyone to get his bolt back? Or did Luke's team just get the bolt and destroy it? Or did the goodies get the bolt back to Zeus... The suspense was killing everyone... Framm was scared... HE WAS SCARED THAT HE WASN'T GOING TO GET HIS PRECIOUS LIGHTNING BOLT BACK!!!!! "Yes" he roared, " I am the great and all powerful Zeus! I will kill everyone, especially those that come into my path! MWAHAHAHAHA" And then he became sad...for he realized that he couldn't rip apart and kill to shreds every person still alive, for he had his brothers, and he had promised not to kill them, for they had helped him destroy all! "Yes, You owe us Zeus" claimed the might Poseidon, aka Glycereine! "If you betray us, Hades and I will destroy you!!!! Isn't that right Hades?" "Why absolutely correct" Harvades exclaimed! " You can't kill us after all of us endured and stayed alive!" Zeus exclaimed, " Stop arguing everyone! I won't kill you...but instead of focusing on killing you, lets get those annoying Phaze of Delphi and that murderous Lukejunkie! "Yes, yes!" The others agreed. Lukejunkie nearby overheard the whole thing, and wanted to go down with a fight. Phaze of Delphi also oversaw the whole incident, and predicted his own death. Using his pro seeing skills, he had already figured out that Framm was Zeus! He intended to take out Freus, but didn't have the attacking power of Percy with his great pen-sword Riptide! Phaze tried to stand up to the three-man team of Freus, Harvades, and Glyceidon, but he had no chance. He was killed by electrice shock, and left for Harvades to rip and tear. After Harvades was done with Phaze of Delphi, he was scattered in pieces no larger than dust... Ironically, Phaze's last thoughts were, "Wait, why am I solid and thinking? I should be a weird old female mummy...oh well." So ended the goodie team. When Freus came close to Lukejunkie, he went all out with his murderous blade: the backbiter, able to kill demi-gods AND humans...a weapon of terrible power. Freus and Lukejunkie were fighting it out, and it seemed extremely close! Lukejunkie was winning though, because he was fighting for his life! He was fighting so hard, he didn't even see Harvades and Glyceidon coming around the back! Lukejunkie was about to stab Freus and finish his rule, but he died holding the blade next to Freus' chest. His last words were, " This isn't over yettt..." And then he died. Glyceidon wanted to rip and tear too, so he finished his meal by eating the yummy parts of Luke! All that was left was his bones... So ended the baddie team. INDIES WIN!!!! WITH ALL THREE LEFT ALIVE AT THE END! ROLES: Hosts: Abhisk and Peace 1) Slick: Ares 2) Framm18: Zeus 3) Molly Mae: Annabeth 4) harvey45: Poseidon 5) MissKitten: Percy 6) JarZe: Grover 7) onetruth: Mr.D 8) DudleyDude: Sally 9) filly678: Kronos 10) golfjunkie: Luke 11) Glycereine : Hades 12) Phaze: Oracle of Delphi 13) actressgirl: Chiron Good Game everyone! Nice job Peace!
  16. Hey you guys I actually have to go somewhere i'll do post later.
  17. Ok, no one don't bother voting, the game has been won. I'm putting up the FINAL post.
  18. abhisk

    I am made in one country Special to only there Although others have easy access to get me anywhere! I seem to be childish But I'm also mature I make people happy I make people sad I make people laugh And I make people mad I don't move Yet I can move others with what I am. What am I?
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