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  1. How about using the foot bridge as a pole, and use it to jump over the moat?

    Or find something big and sturdy and place the footbridge accross it like a see-saw. Then, put a light guy on the end furthest away from the castle, and a fat guy on the other end, When the fat guy jumps on his end, the light guy would catapult to the other side! And, since we don't know how wide it is, you could maybe rotate the footbridge and walk across that way.

    Or, make a guy hold the bridge, diagnally like a slide, and have the rest of the people climb up him and slide across. Of course, that guy wouldn't go, but then he could get paid for nothing!

    Or, since they can't return empty-handed, just make their own village and become rich merchants.

    Or, if the king ordered for a group of jesters, the assassins could kill the origonal jesters, steal their clothing, and get admitted into the castle!

  2. :duh:These are riddles that the hobbit Biblo and a Gollum tried to fool each other with. Most of them stumped me!!! Good luck, you need it!


    What has roots as nobody sees,

    Is taller than trees,

    up, up it goes,

    and yet never grows?


    thirty white horses on a red hill,

    first they champ,

    then they stamp,

    then they stay still


    voiceless it cries,

    wingless flutters,

    toothless bites,

    mouthless mutters


    an eye in a blue face

    saw an eye in a green face.

    "That eyes is like to this eye"

    said the first eye,

    "but low in place

    not in a high place."


    it cannot be seen, cannot be felt,

    cannot be heard, cannot be smelt,

    it lies behind stars and under hills,

    and empty holes it fills.

    It comes first and follows after,

    ends life, kills laughter.


    A box without hinges, key, or lid,

    yet golden treasure inside is hid.


    alive without breath,

    as cold as death,

    never thirsty, never breathing,

    all in mail never thinking.


    This things all things devours,

    birds, beasts, trees, and flowers,

    gnaws iron, bites steel,

    grinds hard stones to meal,

    slays king, ruin town,

    and beats high mountain down.

    Whew! Good luck!

    And I'm not posting the answers quite yet... :unsure:

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