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  1. music. It is all around around us, metaphorically speaking, I think. Some poets think that the rattling of leaves or the rythm of someon's footsteps are a type of music, but sorry if I was getting really vaugue.

    its not sound. Well, its a sound, but not sound in general.

  2. Perhaps the word offered by you is the one deannadream was thinking, though it is not the same upside-down.

    Four of the letters in your word do not have symmetry along the horizontal axis, but 180-degree ROTATIONAL symmetry.

    (M <-> W, the exception) I.e., if it is the word, deannadream should have said 'turned upside-down'. [A matter of proper semantics.]

    that is what I met, though... TURNED upside-down. Sorry for the wrong wording, everyone. :D

  3. She works in a factory with lots of dangerous equipment and in her new high heels she got her head stuck in something that she would normally fit under... or something...

    ur on the right track

  4. In the context it is used, Norse is short for Norsemen, the Germanic tribes who inhabited Scandinavia in the Middle Ages. Norsemen etymologically is Anglo-Saxon meaning "people of the north". During a period of their history they were also known as "Viking", a word from Old Norse*. (* Norse can also refer to the influences of the Norsemen, especially in art, religion, mythology and language.)

    Oh. That makes sense. How do you guys know EVERYTHING?????

  5. And psychic! Doesn't need to see it to be able to declare it said princess!

    nope. If he ate it, the princess and everyone would want to know which one he picked. When they looked at the other one, it would say Death, so they would all think that he chose the slip saying Princess.

  6. 9,2,2. There can be 2 options with the man; either 6,6,1 or 9,2,2. But as the lady says her oldest dauther is sleeping in the room above he understands that there is jut 1 girl who is older than the rest. Hence former was his answer.


    Woah, you're good!!! :blink:

  7. A young man tried to marry the princess, but the king found out and offered him a sporting chance. He would place two slips of paper in a box, one marked Death, and one marked Princess. To decide his fate, the young man would be blindfolded and chose one paper. The young man found out that the king didn't want him to marry the princess, therefore intending to mark both slips as Death.

    The young man got the princess in spite of this. :wub:


  8. A census taker asked a housewife how many people lived in her house and what their ages were. The housewifetold him that three daughters lived in the house, and the product of their ages was 36. She also told him that the sum of their ages was the house number of the blue house next door. The census taker left and discovered that the house number of the blue house was 13. He came back and told the housewife that he didn't have enough information. The housewife sighed and said, "My oldest daughter is sleeping upstairs." The census taker thanked her and promptly figured out the ages of all three daughters.

    What are they and how did he know?

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