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  1. I can think of a way of making full sized cubes but this may not be the fastest one. Put 1 in freezer, once it freezes, take out that one, put another one, invert the 1 which is already freezed and put 1 more over it, .... and so on.
  2. maheshrvyas

    Man may have come to exchange the clothes for which he had already paid.
  3. Suppose you are a manager of a company, CEO of the company asks you to receive a guest (his name is “Michael”) at airport. You have never met the guest. Once you reach airport, you simply put name plate as “Michael”. After some time a guest approaches you and introduced himself as Michael and also tell you how to correctly spell his name i.e. “Mikal”. Say after a month, again you are asked to receive that same guest, How to you spell in the name plate? Correct one or incorrect one.
  4. maheshrvyas

    I think the one who cured her.
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