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  1. Let me present you with a game.  It's a gambling game.  The rules are pretty straightforward:

    1. You begin the game with 10 US dollars

    2. Every round, you may wager any of your current US dollars

    3. After you have wagered, we toss a fair coin, which leads to one of two outcomes:
        a.  Heads - You lose your wager
        b.  Tails - You get your wager back AND win 200% of your wager's value

    4. You have 100 rounds in which to maximise your profits as much as possible

    5. It should go without saying, but if you ever end a round with 0 US dollars, you've lost

    The game is obviously in your favour, but provide a betting strategy which uses these rules to win as many US dollars as possible.

  2. 14 hours ago, Shakeepuddn said:

    Yay! CLOSURE! Thanks Molly. Curious . . . On hindsight, does it look that difficult?

    Not particularly.  I got hung up on Ace for quite awhile (the card + a pilot).

    "spit them out upon the wave" and the MASH reference really stumped me, as well. 

    It definitely passes the decalogue, and I think the answer is obvious in hindsight.

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