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  1. Kirkaptrick: I am here. Just resting as I had frostbite when we were split and would not like to experience that again. I am ready to continue up the mountain when we are all ready to do so
  2. I think that is fine. Give us a couple hours to figure out who is going out to get our lost souls
  3. hmm. So it seems we are staying at camp for the night? I believe this is a good decision for now while we work on getting everybody together. Movement can be thought about another day?
  4. Gmaster479

    Hmm...well now that there is another goodie, maybe take the role I told you to put in out? I think that Sandstorm would be just fine as that extra goodie and that we won't need the RID kill. Though why Sandstorm isn't included in the BTSC is beyond me
  5. ...you might be smarter than you let on there Mandrake. Despite my 'terrible intentions' you realize that others may have worse intentions...such as ruining me. Though I don't currently know anyone who stands to gain from me losing money on this expedition. That being said, we may want to look elsewhere
  6. Kirkpatrick: Well obviously I am not quitting now. I will be fine climbing, and I don't have the resources to get food and helicopters up here. Your perceptions of me are mistaken
  7. Are you saying that money isn't a good enough reason to be here? That it isn't obvious that a corporate mogul like myself would take a personal interest in his investments? I don't feel you understand that I got where I am in this world through stuff like this and I don't enjoy having my merits discredited by a shanty singing seaman!
  8. Kirkpatrick: So am I not part of this expedition anymore? I have every right to be here Vice Admiral as I FUNDED THE ENTIRE EXPEDITION! I just am here to make sure that I have my investment succeed. That and the thrill of the adventure! We won't let the cold stop us either! Let us go onward
  9. I will take second watch! I am just so excited for this expedition! This adventure will get my mind free and cluttered from the office yes it will! Who will watch with me?
  10. Brontson's Team: [1] Framm = Scout [2] Araver [3] maurice = Nischal [4] Blablah [5] dawh [6] Hirkala [7] Segul [8] GMaster479 - Mr. Kirkpatrick [9] woon [10] Izzy
  11. Gmaster479

    that should work. Between the BTSC with the Goodies and the conditions I think that it could work. Maybe it can have a go after Araver's and UR's game's.
  12. Gmaster479

    Hmm...not bad BlaBlah. I think if you can add one more person to the LionClan it would balance it out. I realize that they are already strong, but they need a Goodie Kill to deal with 5 baddies I like the game though very nice
  13. [1] Framm [2] Araver [3] maurice [4] Blablah [5] dawh [6] Hirkala [7] Segul [8] GMaster479
  14. sounds like fun. I think that you should do it now. Just make sure that you keep the Holidays in mind
  15. Oh...wow...we have enough games to bring back my Spreadsheet :D GAMES SIGN UP Please feel free to fill in all missing information. Anyone can edit it
  16. Gmaster479

    MaFBIa Signups

    Hosts: NickFleming and EDM 1.maurice 2.jakeknowslittle 3.MissKitten 4.araver 5.Vipe195 6. Izzy 7. Molly 8. DD 9. Vineetrika 10.Glycereine 11.Marq 12 Slick. 13. onetruth Mentor/Backup: 1.Framm 2.JarZe 3.LJ 4.GM
  17. ...just start a new topic. You can go for MK as she is MIA
  18. @NF: Please post this in a new topic. This topic is just for discussing what game is going at what time. Thanks
  19. lol. You are free to join the next Mafia game whenever sign ups go up. Trial by Fire is the best way to learn
  20. Umm...I think we are pretty tolerant. Depends on what you want to do I guess
  21. Gmaster479

    grr. I got the hex part but I am clueless when it comes to binary Great job Aravar
  22. ahh I did misread it. My bad. The wording was so similar I didn't think of that Hawkeye's solution is correct for the original problem then I believe. Again...my bad
  23. Gmaster479

    I have the 2 easiest letters. I am still stumped on the rest of them
  24. Hawkeye is 100% correct. See topic from an almost exact replica of this problem entitled 'Hats on Death Row' I'm surprised that no one recognized this puzzle was a repeat. Still a really good brain teaser
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