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  1. There are MANY(at least 51) that meet these criteria...here are all 51 with side lengths under 1000...

    10x87 1x290
    11x48 1x176
    12x35 1x140
    15x22 1x110
    20x174 2x580
    21x122 2x427
    22x96 2x352
    24x70 2x280
    26x57 2x247
    30x44 2x220
    30x261 3x870
    31x42 2x217
    33x144 3x528
    36x105 3x420
    40x81 3x360
    42x244 4x854
    44x192 4x704
    45x66 3x330
    48x140 4x560
    49x132 4x539
    52x114 4x494
    53x54 3x318
    55x240 5x880
    58x195 5x754
    60x88 4x440
    60x175 5x700
    62x84 4x434
    68x75 4x425
    70x123 5x574
    71x120 5x568
    72x210 6x840
    75x110 5x550
    78x171 6x741
    80x162 6x720
    81x158 6x711
    84x95 5x532
    84x245 7x980
    89x210 7x890
    90x132 6x660
    93x126 6x651
    102x161 7x782
    104x228 8x988
    105x154 7x770
    106x108 6x636
    111x200 8x925
    112x141 7x752
    120x176 8x880
    124x168 8x868
    135x198 9x990
    136x150 8x850
    159x162 9x954


  2. I found 2 solutions...Basically I got it down to this:

    Monday 6-8: Judo - Linda
    Monday 8-10: Volleyball - Jane
    Tuesday 6-8: Balance - Linda
    Tuesday 8-10: Squash - Pete
    Wednesday 6-8: Ballet OR Tumlbling - Jane
    Wednesday 8-10: Tumbling OR Ballet - Bob
    Thursday 6-8: Karate - Bob
    Thursday 8-10: Floor - Rick
    Friday 6-8: Handball - Pete
    Friday 8-10: Table Tennis - Rick

    From what I can tell, both solutions work to satisfy all of the clues/requirements...the ONLY part I'm a little confused about that would completely screw up my approach is clue 6:
    6. Pete has one course the same night as the balance-beam class is held and his other course later the same evening as one of Rick's courses.
    Does that mean "later in the same evening" which would then imply it would be during the 8-10 slot...or does it mean "later in the week the same evening"? I took it to mean the latter...which is why I have Pete from 6-8 on Friday and Rick from 8-10...if you meant the former, then my solution does not work...
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  3. ...on how the cash register deals with rounding...if it follows the "standard" round-half-up method, then I see 39 solutions:

    1.06, 2.23, 2.41
    1.06, 2.24, 2.40
    1.06, 2.25, 2.39
    1.06, 2.26, 2.38
    1.06, 2.27, 2.37
    1.06, 2.28, 2.36
    1.06, 2.29, 2.35
    1.06, 2.30, 2.34
    1.07, 2.13, 2.50
    1.07, 2.14, 2.49
    1.08, 2.06, 2.56
    1.08, 2.07, 2.55
    1.09, 2.01, 2.60
    1.09, 2.02, 2.59
    1.10, 1.97, 2.63
    1.11, 1.93, 2.66
    1.12, 1.90, 2.68
    1.13, 1.86, 2.71
    1.14, 1.83, 2.73
    1.15, 1.81, 2.74
    1.16, 1.78, 2.76
    1.17, 1.76, 2.77
    1.18, 1.73, 2.79
    1.19, 1.71, 2.80
    1.20, 1.69, 2.81
    1.21, 1.67, 2.82
    1.22, 1.65, 2.83
    1.24, 1.62, 2.84
    1.25, 1.60, 2.85
    1.27, 1.57, 2.86
    1.29, 1.54, 2.87
    1.31, 1.51, 2.88
    1.32, 1.50, 2.88
    1.35, 1.46, 2.89
    1.36, 1.45, 2.89
    1.37, 1.44, 2.89
    1.38, 1.43, 2.89
    1.39, 1.42, 2.89
    1.40, 1.41, 2.89
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  4. But, how can it be a tetrahedron? The cities are just 5 miles away. Any 4 points on the surface of the earth which are also the vertices of a tetrahedron must be at a distance of 1.63 times the radius of the earth (which is about 6500 miles!!!).

    ...I'd say he could have visited an asteroid or some other EXTREMELY small body in space to accommodate the shorter distances between towns...The OP doesn't say he was on Earth while doing this trip...

    Plus, it truly would be a "miraculous voyage": travel to a small asteroid, land on it safely, find that there are indeed 4 "towns" set up by someone, visit them all, and return back to Earth safely. And never in my life, at least, would I ever expect to see such a thing happen...

    So I'll go with that as my answer.

  5. Ah...see, I read #4 to mean "is six letters long" not "contains six DISTINCT letters". Because, really, even if a letter repeats itself, it's still a letter...so only 6-letter words can "contain 6 letters".

    HEATHEN technically contains 7 letters...it just it has 2 Es...

    Either way...Good catch, ShadowAngel7...nice interpretation.



    That that is, is. That that is not, is not. Is not that it? It is.

    Question: are you allowed to skip letters as long as you don't rearrange them? Because if not, I can come up with a word that has 6 words in it, but not 8:

    herein - he, her, here, ere, rein, in

    Unless you want to count "en" as a word, then I found 7:

    hasten - ha, has, hast, haste, ten, as, en

    If you are allowed to skip letters, then there are a number of words that work...including hasten which actually has 9 that I found

    hasten - ha, has, hast, haste, hen, ate, hate, ten, as

  7. W A P I T I
    A C U M E N
    P U P P E T
    I M P U T E
    T E E T E R
    I N T E R N

    The only one I wasn't really aware of was wapiti...but after getting the others and a simple google search for "apiti deer", it came up...who knew??

  8. Quick question: when you say "equal (or better than equal) percentage"...from whose perspective are we talking?

    If we are saying that each PERSON believes they have AT LEAST equal percentage of the worth, then we first look at what each person believed the old man was worth:

    ALBERT: $14,001,670...which means "equal" to him would be everyone getting $3,500,417.50...
    ERIC: $14,601,730...which means "equal" to him would be everyone getting $3,650,432.50
    THERESA: $13,501,335...which means "equal" to her would be everyone getting $3,375,333.75
    SONYA: $16,002,050...which means "equal" to her would be everyone getting $4,000,512.50

    If we use those, we can simply give Sonya the house and all of the belongings...and then divide the remaining $12,000,000 in cash evenly between the rest of the siblings.

    To Sonya, she got more than an equal share ($4,002,050) and everyone else got $4,000,000...so she's happy

    To Theresa, she and everyone else but Sonya got more than an equal share ($4,000,000) while Sonya only got $1,501,335...so she's happy

    To Eric, he and everyone else but Sonya got more than an equal share ($4,000,000) while Sonya only got $2,601,730...so he's happy

    To Albert, he and everyone else but Sonya got more than an equal share ($4,000,000) while Sonya only got $2,001,670...so he's happy

    Doing this gives everyone the perception that they had a more than equal share of the total worth...

    However, from the lawyer's perspective, he would see Sonya getting much less than equal, simply because the value of the house most likely is closer to the average ($2,275,000)...which means with this approach, Sonya would have much less than an equal share...

    That's why I'm wondering from whose perspective we are defining "equal".

  9. But I figured AIK TIA IA IATL is " I know that I am I am I am"

    The Luckiest:

    I don't get many things right the first time

    In fact, I am told that a lot

    Now I know all the wrong turns

    The stumbles and falls brought me here

    And where was I before the day

    That I first saw your lovely face?

    Now I see it every day

    And I know

    That I am

    I am

    I am

    The luckiest

    Next door there's an old man who lived to his nineties

    and one day passed away in his sleep,

    and his wife, she stayed for a couple of days, and passed away

    I'm sorry I know that's a strange way to tell you that I know we belong,

    That I know

    That I am,

    I am,

    I am,

    the luckiest

  10. Just validated my above answer with a simple program...in case you're curious, here's the source:

    public class SuffleDouble {
       public static void main(String[] args) {
          for (long i = 1; i < 1000000; i++) {
             permutation("", i + "", i);
       private static void permutation(String prefix, String str, long origVal) {
          int n = str.length();
          if (n == 0) {
             long newVal = Long.parseLong(prefix);
             if (origVal * 2 == newVal) {
                System.out.println(origVal + " * 2 = " + prefix);
          } else {
             for (int i = 0; i < n; i++) {
                permutation(prefix + str.charAt(i), str.substring(0, i) + str.substring(i+1, n), origVal);

  11. many gears spinning 'round,

    numbers spill too unbound.

    sapping energy of a spring,

    adding adding everything.

    whether weather is need to know,

    or complex equations bust from flow.

    memory, shift, register, digest;

    come forth solution, progamming guest!

    A CPU or motherboard...

  12. Think about it. He went 1 mile south, 1 mile west, and 1 mile north. Where on earth is it possible to do this? The north pole, of course!. Therefore the bear was a polar bear and was white.

    He didn't have to be at the North pole...there are infinite places he could have started (specifically any point 1+1/2pi miles from the south pole).

    Of course, since there are no BEARS in that area, I guess the North pole is the only valid place that it could be since he in fact was being chased by a bear...

    This question has can be seen here...

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