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  1. Yeah, I mean, if you view that image like one of those stereogram (aka Magic Eye) images, I can get it to look slightly 3-dimensional, which is actually pretty cool...but not sure if that's what we're supposed to do with this one....

  2. A) I speak French fluently and I've looked at the Barbapapa site extensively. All I can see is that the catchphrase for the Barbapapa characters in French is 'Hup, Hup, Hup, Barbatruc'. The title of the OP is Hulahup - which probably was the original clue to the Barbapapa link.

    B) So I don't think that there is any other inference to this site - unless the 'hula' part of hulahup means something.......... I'm going to look through the geocache site today and see if I can find some matrix reference.

    C) How about the hint to rely on official resources? Any ideas?

    D) The translation of the OP is perfect IMO; i haven't been able to gain any more insight from the French edition.

    A) Yeah, that may have been a better way to find out the Barbapapa link than I did...but either way, I think it definitely is just a reference to these characters

    B) I couldn't find anything else on the site either (now, granted, I looked at it in French and Google's translated versions, and I am not completely fluent in French, so I could have missed something)

    C) I think the "official resources" is a reference to use the OFFICIAL site for Barbapapa...which is what lead me to rearrange the grid in the way that I did.

    D) Agreed...

  3. Here is the updated chart after rearranging the letters at the top to match the page...don't know if this will help or not...


    That's about all I can probably help out today, as I have to get back to work :c\

    But hopefully that will be enough for someone to solve this one! :c)

  4. http://www.barbapapa.fr

    The letters at the top of the columns can be rearranged to be BARBAPAPA (see above link)...and the colors of the characters on that page match the colors at the top of the grid...that seems WAY to coincidental to me...Plus the colors of the letters match up with the character's colors in the name BARAPAPA. Finally, the site above is the "official site" (remember the clue was sometimes it's best to use official resources)...So that site HAS to contain the answer....

  5. Not everything is relative according to the theory of relativity. The speed of light in a vacuum, for example, is absolute. And the veracity of the theory itself is not claimed to be relative.

    I will be curious to see what physicists say about the speed of light in a vacuum (and relativity in general) now that they have (tentatively) found particles traveling faster than the speed of light (just google "neutrino") :c)

  6. It is clear from the puzzle (though one has to read very carefully) that the ON & OFF position of switches is not known. Now we know that all switches must have their ON - OFF position in only one direction. So before making first trip to the basement you put three switches in one direction and other two switches in opposite direction. Then you will find either [1] three bulbs (say W, R, B) ON and two bulbs (say Y, G) OFF, OR [2] Three bulbs OFF (say W, R, B) and two bulbs (say Y, G) ON. So in first trip you are able to know two groups of places for three bulbs (say W, R, B) and two bulbs (say Y, G) respectively. Now you reverse the position of one switch in each group (say of R & G). Then in second trip you know the exact position of three bulbs (R, Y, G).

    Now you reverse the position of one of the switches (say W) of two still unknown places. So in third trip you are able to know the right places for rest of the two bulbs (in example W & B).

    That reading the OP makes it sound like each switch could have different direction for "on" and "off"...which means you could have all of the switches in the DOWN position, walk downstairs and find 3 bulbs ON, and 2 OFF (or 1 on, 4 off, etc...). In other words, I agree with thoughtfulfellow in his second assumption. I think we need clarification from wolfgang on this one.

  7. A tower where the scholars play...

    These keys bring music lively...

    A "Coast"al nation far away...

    'round trunks you'll find... the Ivory

    Nice one plasmid...even the title fits that answer! If that's not it, I have no idea what it could be...and I like your answer in poetic form as well...nice touch.

  8. My own questions:

    9)What happens when an unstoppable rock meets an unbreakable, unmovable wall?

    10)How do you get Pikachu on a bus?

    11)Give me food and I will live, give me water and I will die. What am I?

    9) Zeus turns both objects into stars (just wiki "Teumessian Fox" if you don't get it)

    10) You poke him on...

    11) Fire

  9. Watching a movie or tv...(also, Cat's guess of playing a video game definitely fits this thinking as well...)

    The first stanza kind of sounds like the lights going down and possibly a DVD in the player started by a remote control.

    The second stanza seems to describe the pixels on the display and then when the movie starts, people who are talking quiet down.

    The third mentions how people will be fixated at the screen and then about turning it off via remote (using your thumb)...the "saved" line is what makes me think Cat's guess is probably more right...

  10. Alright, so there are actually TWO solutions to this puzzle...both satisfying the original words (this might be why this one took me much longer than the last one to solve...) Good puzzle though!!!

    LAS VEGAS = 367,783,416 using the following substitutions:

    A = 18

    B = 12

    C = 4

    D = 17

    E = 7

    G = 11

    J = 1

    K = 16

    L = 13

    M = 6

    N = 5

    O = 2

    P = 15

    R = 8

    S = 9

    T = 3

    U = 10

    V = 14

    OR LAS VEGAS = 40,864,824 using the following substitutions:

    A = 6

    B = 12

    C = 24

    D = 17

    E = 7

    G = 11

    J = 1

    K = 8

    L = 13

    M = 18

    N = 10

    O = 2

    P = 15

    R = 4

    S = 9

    T = 3

    U = 20

    V = 14

  11. Right!

    If you happen back here, did you do it by hand or program something? I like making them, interest in another?

    I did it by hand. Took about 20 minutes or so...lots of fun.

    I am a computer nerd programmer, so I had thought about writing a program to do it and I probably still will (just as an extra "challenge" to it)...but I prefer doing these by hand to begin with.

    So yeah, if you want to create more, I'd love to work on them...can't guarantee I'll have time...all depends on how slow work is at the time...

  12. Prometheus?

    Wow...that was quick! Good job!

    Through rings I can be seen Prometheus is a moon of Saturn, and often crosses paths with it's rings

    And by my rings I am known It WAS also the world's oldest living tree (tree rings = age)

    Through thousands of years

    My legend has grown Both a reference to the tree (~5000 years old) and the Prometheus myth

    My death is historic

    In more ways than one Again both because of the god Prometheus and the tree

    I fell in controversy "Fell" being a clue to the tree part...it is controversial why the tree was cut down

    And now my time is done

    But my name will live on

    For being a hero to man Prometheus stole fire from the gods and gave it to man

    If you're old enough to see me

    Next year is when you can Very random reference to a movie coming out next year called Prometheus that will likely be rated "R" (it is supposed to be a prequel to the Alien movies...)

  13. 4,721,968,742,400 (unless my multiplication was wrong)...here's what I used...




















    That's what you can get from the given words...the key to this whole thing was the word "TALL"...once you solve that one, the rest is pretty easy.

    Thanks! This was fun!

  14. Is it....

    Saturn / Cronus


    thrown down by Jupiter / Zeus after consuming all his other children

    Less than a light year from Earth though, so that throws off my guess unless

    there is another explanation...

    Good answer...closer for multiple reasons, but still not correct...

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