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  1. Pickett

    Take a guess

    Haha, that's kind of fun to wrap your head around...
  2. Pickett


  3. Pickett

    Video Game Logic

  4. Pickett

    making obtuse triangles

    ...a lot...
  5. Pickett

    Sorting out the bar bill

    @Cygnet I think something is wrong with your solution, as one of the requirements is that "18 of us did not drink water." by your answer, you have 8 that drank nothing, 7 that drank only wine, and 11 that drank beer and wine...which totals 26 people that did not drink water.
  6. Pickett

    Sorting out the bar bill

    I'm guessing it's because I missed this piece of the assumption: "who drank beer and water but not wine were as many as possible". I'll give it another go with the non-drinkers included and that piece and see what I come up with.
  7. Pickett

    Sorting out the bar bill

  8. Pickett

    Sorting out the bar bill

    Yes...I can.
  9. Pickett

    Right Prime

  10. Pickett

    Increase the square

    Nevermind...misunderstood the OP (again).
  11. Pickett

    Shortest roads

    I assumed my answer was along the right lines, but I was too lazy to actually find the true minimum with it...thanks for doing the dirty work!