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  1. Slick! how you doing? its been awhile, any other oldies still on?

  2. Wow... its been awhile

  3. randro

    Ye Olde Mafia 2 Sign up

    1. GMaster479 2. scsw 3. tpaxatb 4. DudleyDude 5. SG 6. riranor 7. crazypainter 8. JarZe 9. Derrai 10. MrsP 11. Panther 12. NoobishDarth 13. woon 14. akaslickster 15. Randro
  4. randro

    Host: scsw Sign-ups: 1. akaslickster 2. MrsP 3. EDM 4. GMaster479 5. Derrai 6. Riranor 7. crazypainter 8. tpaxatb 9. sayalzah Backup:Randro I tried to stay away but it wasnt possible
  5. randro

    OOC: Anybody want to revive me? Going once, going twice.................????? Can somebody please revive me? I am geting really bored because it's not much fun going against one if the most experienced players first and then dieing because of a cheap autokill
  6. randro

    or RT you can call the match over because it started at 4:30 yesterday and should have been a day long (i think)
  7. randro

    OOC: how would you know that the spear was coming at you? BIC: the skeletonstarts ripping the cards that went into his joints in half and very slowly ran at kevin. Randro starts running towards kevin and away from the evil cards chasing after him
  8. randro

    Yay i think that this match has ended
  9. randro

    while you were preoccupied with me my skeleton snuck around behind you and just as you sent the cards at me he throws the spear at you from behind
  10. randro

    OOC:accualy scratch that last part. and i use one of my heals on the most severe card cut right after i jump out of the tornado BIC: Randro starts to randomly slash at the tornado and then jumps through the wall of cards to the right and starts running aways from them like a madman, all the while still slashing at the cards.
  11. randro

    Randro makes a fan with his swords to make a small hole that he then jumps through and starts running to the right and slicing at the cards
  12. randro

    The zombies head falls onto the ground and dies but just as it stops breathing a skeleton with two spears rises up right next to the dead one and throws a spear at kevin
  13. randro

    OOC sorry BIC: The zombie get torn to shreads and starts crawling towards kevin
  14. randro

    I have my zombie come over in front of me and move forward while my zombie is right next to me
  15. randro

    i roll forward with my swords in front of me as a shield
  16. randro

    BIC:Randro rolls to the side and starts slashing at the cards but unfortunatly one glances off his left leg. OOC: sorry RIR and RT, BTW what do the cards do when they hit something? ARe they sharp or do they explode or what? I need to know so i can find out what happens to my zombie
  17. randro

    I slash through the cards and make a slicing movment with both my swords at kevin while my zombie has a hand grenade out that i gave him at the beggining of the fight and then it blows up as the cards make contact with his skin Please let me know if you think that this is too cheap Edit: esspicialy the zombie/ hand grenade part.
  18. randro

    I hear a whizzing sound from my left and jump behind my zombie minion but he has already seen them so he holds up his shield and blocks them while i run at kevin swords in hand
  19. randro

    I glance to the right and my zombie appears to my right
  20. randro

    OOC:The hot knife came from 1000 years hot being near the core of the earth BIC: randro closes his eyes and listens for movment
  21. randro

    The zombie steps back and brings out a red hot knife and throws it straight at kevin while three more fan out around kevin
  22. randro

    The zombie slashes at the cards with his sword and then blocks them with his shield, Randro starts twirling his swords around in a circle in front of him and effectively makes a fan to blow the cards back/ cut them into pieces.
  23. randro

    OOC: I never said he was going to step on the cards BIC THe zombie jumps over the card and dodges around them and swings his sword at Kevins midsection
  24. randro

    A zombie holding a mideval sword and shield with chain mail covering its body rises up from the ground and charges at kevin
  25. randro

    "not yet but i have a feeling i will soon" He draws out his two katanas and assumes a battle stance. My role says (Power 1: Can raise dead to help fight (just a random Skeleton or zombie of my choice) so i think that RT has to decide
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