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  1. Slick! how you doing? its been awhile, any other oldies still on?

  2. Wow... its been awhile

  3. I hope you ain't grounded again. We are still playing Ye Olde Mafia, aren't we?

  4. randro

    Ye Olde Mafia 2 Sign up

    1. GMaster479 2. scsw 3. tpaxatb 4. DudleyDude 5. SG 6. riranor 7. crazypainter 8. JarZe 9. Derrai 10. MrsP 11. Panther 12. NoobishDarth 13. woon 14. akaslickster 15. Randro
  5. randro

    Host: scsw Sign-ups: 1. akaslickster 2. MrsP 3. EDM 4. GMaster479 5. Derrai 6. Riranor 7. crazypainter 8. tpaxatb 9. sayalzah Backup:Randro I tried to stay away but it wasnt possible
  6. randro

    OOC: Anybody want to revive me? Going once, going twice.................????? Can somebody please revive me? I am geting really bored because it's not much fun going against one if the most experienced players first and then dieing because of a cheap autokill
  7. randro

    or RT you can call the match over because it started at 4:30 yesterday and should have been a day long (i think)
  8. randro

    OOC: how would you know that the spear was coming at you? BIC: the skeletonstarts ripping the cards that went into his joints in half and very slowly ran at kevin. Randro starts running towards kevin and away from the evil cards chasing after him
  9. randro

    Yay i think that this match has ended
  10. randro

    while you were preoccupied with me my skeleton snuck around behind you and just as you sent the cards at me he throws the spear at you from behind
  11. randro

    OOC:accualy scratch that last part. and i use one of my heals on the most severe card cut right after i jump out of the tornado BIC: Randro starts to randomly slash at the tornado and then jumps through the wall of cards to the right and starts running aways from them like a madman, all the while still slashing at the cards.
  12. randro

    Randro makes a fan with his swords to make a small hole that he then jumps through and starts running to the right and slicing at the cards
  13. randro

    The zombies head falls onto the ground and dies but just as it stops breathing a skeleton with two spears rises up right next to the dead one and throws a spear at kevin
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