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    The new chapter will begin with an opener that requires absolutely no knowledge of the previous threads to play! This will definitely help get new people involved. After that, I will index relevant posts with notes so that people can get up to speed on the most vital details. Yoruichi-san: Thanks! It's good to have an Umineko watcher here! If you want to know what was going on in Umineko, I recommend playing the translated sound novels! I never watched much of the anime because (I was told) it omitted the clues that were needed to have any chance of solving the story. The Witch Hunt translation group did a phenomenal job of translating the novels, with translator's notes and everything. I'll be posting the new thread pretty soon, I think! I just need to check up on a few things.
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    Good to have you back fabby! That is, indeed, the answer I'm looking for.
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