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Pop Fuzz - Father in-law
Group Dynamics - Set in motion
Date Date - March in time

(apologies if any have been already guessed, I just skimmed the previous guesses)


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hey there DD - right on for your top two above. the March <--> Date connection does kinda work but a little more associative than synonomous would say.

Think that about wraps it up. Don't know how to link a best answer to this multi-solution puzzle. Guess will have to immodestly list this post with:

Take Heed - Bear in Mind - by Thalia

Cut Gem - Etched (or Carved) in Stone by Framm 18
Box Score - Case in Point by Thalia
Pop Fuzz - Father in Law by DudleyDude
Aid Worker - Helpin' Hand by plasmid or Hand in Hand by Thalia
Good Measure - Just in Time by Molly Mae
Remain Put - Stand (or Stay) in Place by Thalia
Primo Coke - First in Line by Wilson
Hollow Sole - Hole in One by plasmid
Group Dynamics - Party in Power by phaze -or- Set in Motion by DudleyDude
Confederate Offence - Partner in Crime by Thalia
Maintain Pressure - Stay (or Keep) in Touch by Molly Mae
Descent Sex - Fall in Love by Framm 18
Fee Form - Payment in Kind by Wilson
Date Date - Day in Time/History Framm 18 -or- _____

thanks to all


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