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There was once an old man, at the end of his life.

He was talking about memories to his dear wife.

His wife had brought him something small and round.

“Why don’t you see if you can get this down.”

I came to him; he thought way back when,

How much like me, his life had been.

Too much anger and too much hate.

Nothing he did could satiate.

Too many regrets, and not enough love,

And I was all he was thinking of.

He looked at his wife and realized

How much I was hurting her beautiful eyes.

He kissed her and grinned from ear to ear,

And soon enough, I disappeared.

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No, yay! I was scared it would be guessed on the first try. I really like your riddle by the way. Sounds like something I'd write.

how about

sour pill

as i on the right tract with either of these guesses btw

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Gresleysteve gets the prize!!!! With
Bitterness. We weren't looking for the pill, per se, but the quality of the pill, which was also the quality of his life.

Sorry, guys. I forgot I left a puzzle unanswered.

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