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It seems there is a lot of controversy over this topic on Brainden.... Understandable... Well I just mean spiritual as in God but also as in ghosts and things. What is your opinion?

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Imeant that schools only teach evolution.

I assume you really mean why don't they teach Creationism and Intelligent Design Creationism in school Science classes.

Simple; They are not science. And Evolution is a scientific fact, which has the most successful scientific theory along with it. That's why.

Obviously, someone's quite the atheist,

Yup; I completely lack a belief in gods, all of them.

but if evolution were true, why are the more "primitive" life forms still here?

:lol: (wipes away a tear.)

An oldie but still laugh out loud funny.

But coincidentally I have lately been thinking of an analogy to aid people such as yourself:

Once there was a couple of the Clan McGregor in Scotland.

They had two sons; Dougal and William.

Both married local lasses.

Dougal remained in Scotland and raised a bonny McGregor Clan of his own.

William however chose to travel, settled in the U.S. and there he and his wife raised an American McGregor clan.

A few generations later, the Creationist demands to know:

"If the American McGregors descended (evolved) from the Scottish McGregors then why are there still Scottish McGregors?!!"

The Non-Creationist just laughs at the Creationist.

If we actually evolved from apes, and yet they are still here, then there would be no reason for them evolving.

That is such utter rot. Stop it, you are making my sides hurt! :lol:

1. Humans (Homo sapiens) ARE a species of Ape (Superfamiliy Hominoidea) as first classified by Linnaeus in the 18th century - That's right; long before Charles Robert Darwin was even born! (HE actually tussled with the problem of whether Humans and Chimpanzees belonged in the same genus, and it was primarily his religious biases that made him decide no.)

2. We did evolve from an ape ancestor. Of that there is no rational doubt. That ancestor IS NOT still here; all of the other species of apes also evolved as we did. You don't actually think that ALL evolution goes toward the "human model" do you?! Like some crazy antiquated "Ladder of Life" fantasy?

3. If you had the faintest clue about how evolution works, then you would know full well the many varied factors that cause evolution. Reason, as in personal choice to do so, is not one of them.

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One, Christianity came from Judaism.

Yes; it did something like evolving from Judaism. Yet miraculously (in your blinkered mind) Judaism still exists! Oh no, how could that be?! Don't parents spontaneously explode or become infertile after having their first child?! Um, no.

Look up Cladogenesis

Two, how could living organisms come from nonliving matter. A chemical reaction won't cut it.

And as always the evolution denier leaps to abiogenesis. :rolleyes:

1. Evolution works no matter how life first appeared (yes even: "Magic Man Dun it")

2. Evolution is a subject of Biology. Abiogenesis one of Chemistry and biochemistry (although both get more from other fields as well of course.)

3. This one is a work in progress, no one knows how it happened exactly, even if certain types, such as religious groups claim to know. But then making baseless claims of knowledge is what religions do best. But this video sheds some light on more current understandings in that field:

(Oooh lookie: he added an HQ version; nice.)

4. How do you know that a Chemical reaction won't cut it? Are you secretly an expert in biochemistry or something? Or did some creationist apologist just assert that, and you accepted it without question? :rolleyes:

You do realise that even if our answers to how life originated (abiogenesis) and how the current wealth of living organisms came to be here (evolution) was "I don't know," your god-hypothesis would still be just as pathetically weak as ever, don't you?

Science can't explain everything,

Ah yes, as I was just about to say: Your entire *ahem* argument is nothing but an Argument From Ignorance, isn't it?

"Science" can't explan it; therefore GodDidIt!

No Bran. Something unexplained, not known does not lead to ANY "therefore", except for "therefore we do not know the answer."

If it was then why not: "Science can't explain it; therefore the Flying Spaghetti Monster, or the Invisible Pick Unicorn, or my lower intestine dun it!" ?

such as what happened before the "Big Bang."

And then we get the trifecta: Cosmology.

This one the field of Physics. If you understood that at al you would realise the mistake in assuming there was a "before" ;)

More Argument from Ignorance stuff though. Childish fundamenal errors in reason, for some reason, do not impress me.

Also, this thread is about a spiritual world, not proving Atheism right. :offtopic:

You started it. It was you who pulled it off topic. :rolleyes:

And no this is not about proving the lack of belief in gods, that would be silly.

If you think like that, you obviously don't understand religion.

And as always they assume we MUST be ignorant of religion. Many atheists used to be religious you know, so we "understand religion" as well as most believers, and better than many, due to our active engagement in discussions on the topic.

This like what exactly, anyway?

Rationally or something? Not believing your ridiculous assertions?

Haven't you heard of the miracles when people come back to life after 30 minutes?

30 minutes?! I used to be an army medic, spending a fair amount of time in public hospitals and surgical theatres: 30 minutes is no big deal. No need to invoke magic man there.

:rolleyes: Seriously; I have heard far better miracle stories than that. Not that any of them have ever stood up to critical assessment .

EDIT: Actually come to think of it; I once spent over 30 minutes performing CPR on a patient (thus technically deceased) and "brought them back" (Does that make me a god then?!)

However, don't base your concepts about Christianity about what I have to say.

Oh I don't. Your canards here are junior grade at best. I base mine in personal experience (I used to be one, then I grew up) and many many conversations with many stripes of Christian, including creationists.

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