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See, this is what happens to my brain when I try to solve these things without using a computer.

Ok, back to the drawing board. Waters has 4 letters right, not 5 like I was assuming....so that destroys the *ASTER theory which in turn confirms the M. Now I just have to figure out which letter from ASTER is wrong.

COFFEE and MASTER only share 1 letter, the E so that confirms M_ _ _ E _ and also indicates that one of the letters from COFFEE will substitute for the wrong letter in ASTER. Now where could I sub in an O, C, F or another E and still make a legit word?

......... 10 minutes later..........

Head hurts. Nothing looks right. This is one of those evil obscure words isn't it? :angry: I'll dig into a dictionary over lunch unless Wombat shows up with the answer first.

Elimination guess: TOFFEE

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