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THis is a new riddle, which i am going to see if it works. Each line will be numbered so anybody can easily see what spoiler it realtes to - they are not part of the riddle if they are green (or a different color from the body of the riddle), but if a different color, it is part of the riddle.

Here's how it works.

THere will be a riddle, where each of the lines, you have to get the meaning. So...each line is a riddle basicly. Then solve the riddle as a whole.


#1 i make art, i create strait dashes

#2 then i remove, and i look over it again.

For #1: i draw, i make lines

For #2: i erase, i revise

The answer: Pencil

REAL riddle:

#1 I doodle and i make pigments

#2 huge at the waist and a bonus for the ones i didn't mention!

As usual, please put all of your answers in spoilers, and have fun!

the lines will both rhyme - as in the pencil one. If they dont rhyme perfectly, dont worry. But you cant rhyme Brain and Den if you know what i mean.....

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