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My 3,4,9,11,12,14,13 can be a whisper or noise,

My 5,9,7,11,12,14 is one who, a pen, employs,

My 12,7,1,3,4,5 were once always chaste,

My 7,4,6,1,4,3 is now once again laced,

My 3,4,2,6,8,7,4,5 are endured by the old,

My 5,11,13,4,2,9,14 is a story untold,

Since the day it was begun,

My Whole can never be undone.

What am I?

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Definitely props to PA. I had to go through the entire thread from Itachi-San to even figure out what was going on. I like it though, if you reassemble the information you can present it almost like a cryptoquip except more complex. Are there more of these riddles on the site already? And thanks Prof, I thoroughly enjoyed all the hours I spent working on that!

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