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Smith and Jones


Mr. Smith and Mr. Jones are two businessmen who book the same hotel for the night. They are given adjacent rooms on the third floor. During the night, Mr. Smith sleeps soundly. However, despite being very tired, Mr. Jones cannot fall asleep. He eventually phones Mr. Smith and falls asleep immediately after hanging up. Why should this be so?

i got this from a puzzle book

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Mr. Smith was snoring loudly and keeping Mr. Jones awake. The phone call woke him up, allowing Mr. Jones to get enough peace and quiet to fall asleep. Alternatively, Mr. Smith may have had a TV, radio or something similar making noise in his room. The phone call could have been to politely (or not so politely) ask him to turn it down. Snoring is more likely, as the phone would probably not be heard over a loud TV or radio.

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