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A poor man is sitting in a bar. a few moments later a

very wealthy man walks in and sits next to him.

The poor man turn to the wealthy man and says

"I have a amazing talent, i know almost every song

that ever existed."

The wealthy man laughs.

The poor man continues "I am willing to bet to you

all the money in your wallet that i can sing a genuine

song about any womens name of your choice"

The wealthy man agrees and says,

"Ok but you must sing a song with my daughters name...

Joanna Armstrong-Miller."

A minute or two later the poor man walks out of the bar

with all of the wealthy man money.

What song did he sing?

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Well, it is very unlikely this song would be appropriate for the day the poor man is singing it, but....

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday, dear Joanna Armstrong-Miller!

Happy Birthday to you!

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