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Fuel tanker



Hi there!


A little help needed with this riddle:


"A fuel tanker with a capacity of 12500 liters in which the engine fuel comes directly from the tank, has to transport 50,000 liters at a distance of 2,500 km.

The fuel tanker consumes 20 liters of fuel for every 100 km.

How many liters of fuel were stored after transportation was over?"



Thanks in advance!

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I'm not completely sure what you're asking here. If you have to transport 50,000 L of fuel, you better have 50,000 L stored at the end of this.

If you're asking how much you needed to have to deliver 50,000 L, you'd have to factor in the gas consumption. 

It's going to take multiple trips as the tanker can only hold 12,500 and you lose the gas to drive between the two points. 20 L per 100 km over 2500 km. That's 500 L to go one way. Then the tanker has to go back. So you can deliver 11,500 L per run. 4 runs will get you 46,000 L (and consume 4,000 L). Last run will take 4,500 L assuming you don't plan to take the tanker anywhere after that. I come up with 54,500 L.

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