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multiply 2 palindrome alphametric to be a pandigital number


There are some different definition of pandigital numbers, 
to avoid misinterpretation, lets use this definition : 

Pandigital numbers (pandigit) are numbers containing the digits 0-9 which each digit appears exactly once:

Example : 3421567890

Solve this

Alphametric Palindrome :  ABCBA
Alphametric Palindrome :  CBABC
                          ----- x
Non Alphametric        : pandigit

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Technically two solutions (although, they are the "same" solution since ABCBA * CBABC == CBABC * ABCBA):

A=1, B=8, C=9 or A=9, B=8, C=1
18981 x 98189 = 1863725409


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