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Light Bugs



All types of bulb beetles (Red,Green and Blue) inside a jar are always glowing 
with the same color according to the most number of beetle type within the jar.
In case of equal in numbers they all glow with the same color mixture.
By transfering some beetles from one jar to the other 3 times..  
How many of each type were captured? (See trial sequence below)


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There are multiple solutions:


Solution 1: 12 Red, 10 Green, 8 Blue
[5r 2g --] [7r 8g 8b]
[8r 4g 8b] [4r 6g --]
[2r -- 4b] [10r 10g 4b]
[4r 4g 4b] [8r 6g 4b]

Solution 2: 11 Red, 10 Green, 9 Blue
[4r 2g 1b] [7r 8g 8b] <or> [6r 1g --] [5r 9g 9b]
[8r 4g 8b] [3r 6g 1b] <or> [9r 2g 9b] [2r 8g --]
[2r 1g 3b] [9r 9g 6b]
[4r 4g 4b] [7r 6g 5b]

Solution 3: 11 Red, 9 Green, 10 Blue
[4r 1g 2b] [7r 8g 8b] <or> [6r -- 1b] [5r 9g 9b]
[8r 4g 8b] [3r 5g 2b] <or> [9r 2g 9b] [2r 7g 1b]
[2r -- 4b] [9r 9g 6b]
[4r 4g 4b] [7r 5g 6b]


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