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A Suspicious Logic Puzzle



Role         Action

Block: Prevents target player from acting.

Redirect: Change target player's target player.

Save: Protects target player from death.

Seer:  Sees all actions that occurred.

Murderer:  Kills target player.











If you are Adam, the Seer, and you saw:

Bruce was redirected to Clark.

Clark was blocked.

Dick was killed.


Who is the murderer?



This and more challenge await you in 

Justice League Unleashed 2 ;)
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...Bruce was redirected to Clark.


If the above means that Bruce's action was redirected to Clark, then it's pretty simple. Bruce was the Block since Clark was blocked. Clark wasn't the murdered since he was blocked, but Dick got killed anyway. That leaves Edward as the Murderer.


Bruce = Block (any target)

Clark = Save (any target)

Dick = Redirect (target Bruce)

Edward = Murderer (target Dick)


I think a more interesting interpretation is that Bruce was someone's target and the action toward Bruce was redirected to Clark. In this case, the logic is more complicated and goes like this. The actions that succeeded are Block, Murder and Redirect. The only action that didn't occur is Save, so Clark = Save. Whoever's action was Block had Bruce as a target and was redirected to Clark, so Bruce was the target of both Block and Redirect, so Bruce = Murderer (assuming a player cannot target himself). Dave and Edward are Block and Redirect in some order.


Bruce = Murderer (target Dick)

Clark = Save

Dick = Redirect (target Edward) OR Block (target Bruce)

Edward = Block (target Bruce) OR Redirect (target Dick)


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