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Hi all! I just found this website and I'm hoping at least one of you can help me out with a small problem I have.

I'm looking for a good brain teaser-like toy that I can take with me to college classes, friends' houses, and other places of leisure. I'm looking for something that can keep my mind busy or at least give my fingers something to fiddle with. I've already dabbled in Rubik's Cubes and I'm looking for something different. I've looked at a lot of brain teasers and puzzles on plenty of sites and a few stores as well, but without actually buying them (remember in college aka broke(ish)) it's hard for me to tell if I'd find it worth my money.

So my question for you is to give me some help in finding a brain teaser/puzzle that fall within these specifics:

- Something I can travel with preferably around pocket size (easy to carry around at least)

-Not multiple pieces

- Has reusability/replayability, something I won't get bored after I find a solution(I'm looking at you Hanayama puzzles!)

- NOT Hanayama puzzles or Rubik's Cube/similar puzzles. (UNLESS you can convince me of a similar product that has a different uniqueness and fits my other specifics)

- And I figured this was a given, but I like the challenge, so nothing extremely easy! ;)

I know I have very specific things I'm looking for, but hopefully you guys can help me out!

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How about an iPhone with Internet access to BrainDen?

Seriously, I don't have a good suggestion for what you describe, other than

perhaps to listen and take good notes in class, and actually converse with friends

when you have that opportunity.

Or converse with other Denizens here. ;)

Good luck.

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