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Tetris Fail, a puzzle


This is a puzzle a friend and I have been trying to solve and we've yet to do so.

You have 19 tetrominoes in the following configurations:


You have to fit these tetrominoes in a 10x10 grid meeting the following criteria.

1) The first eight rows must have one, and only one, empty space.

2) None of these empty spaces can be adjacent.

3) No tetromino can share a vertex (i.e. "touching") with another of the same type (i.e.J-blocks, L-blocks, T-blocks, S-blocks, Z-blocks, and I-blocks).

4) You must use the tetromino configurations as they are (no "flipping")

We've been working on it and the best we could get is the first seven rows.

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Sorry, one more thing I forgot to mention. This puzzle is based on the video game Tetris, so the blocks are affected by "gravity". If a block can "drop", it does.

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